Help unlocking L3 on my board (screen shots included)

I have an ASRock FM2A78M-HD+, and an Athlon II X4 760K Black Edition. I think the CPU has L3 cache, I can't figure out how to attempt to unlock it in BIOS. I read something about an Advanced Clock Calibration (ECC) feature-- my board doesn't seem to have that.

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  1. As far as I understand it, that CPU does not have L3 cache.
  2. this article seems to say some of the a2 760 have l3.. though i can't tell if mine is one of those:

    it says the Denum and Thuban cores of that series have it- however.. i really don't want to un-do the heatsink, clean the cpu and sink, re-apply thermal... etc etc. is there any way of finding out whether my cpu is one of those without disassembling?
  3. The article you linked doesn't relate to your CPU though. You can blame the confusing nature of AMD nomenclature for this, but the article is about the K10 family of processors, while yours is a piledriver based one. If you look on the article you linked, down in the processor model bit, where they list all the processors, yours is not one of them. Here's a link to your processor on that site: link
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