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Hello, me and my father are trying to set up our surround sound threw the direct tv so we can watch it with surround sound. It works with the main box because it has the component cords in the back but my direct tv box does not, only a hdmi a usb and a digital audio. Now the way we had it set up threw the main box was running an hdmi from our tv and another from the direct tv main box it's self into our surround sound receiver and we realized we forgot about sound and plugged in the red and white audio cords from the main box to the receiver and Walla it works fine but I can't do that with mine because my direct tv box doesn't have the component cords or patch cords whatever you wanna call them. So do I have to buy an adapter or what? If so, tell me which, please. Thank you
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  1. I'm assuming when you say "main box" you mean the amplifier right?

    So let me see if I can clear the confusing up a bit for some further diagnosis. You currently have an HDMI cable connected from your DTV box to the amplifier. How are you connected between the surround sound receiver and the amp? If you only have a RCA (red/white) cable running between those, you will not get surround sound as that is only 2 channels of audio.

    Then you have an HDMI cable connected from your amplifier to your TV... to carry the audio or to carry the digital video signal?

    If you could post some of the specs of your components, it would be helpful. Model/ brand of the Amp, TV, receiver and speakers (if it isn't a combo setup).
  2. I'm sorry when I say main box I mean direct tv main box because there's a main box to control all of the little ones. I have a Samsung 32 inch I believe and a Yamaha htr 6130 receiver
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    Looking at the back of your amp model, I see a couple of options you can try and utilize. From an HDMI perspective, it looks like you can attach one HDMI from your DTV box and then use the "HDMI output" to connect another HDMI cable to your TV. See if this will work as I don't actually know if it will pass the TV signal through or if it is just purely for audio.

    Another option I see is for you to use an optical audio interface. This does not actually use wires to transfer audio information, but rather a fiberoptic cable and light to transfer digital (5.1 and higher) sound.

    The connector on the left side of the following image is an optical connector.

    Now depending on how far you are looking to run this, you should be able to just use a shorter cable, but to be safe, would use a 6' so there os no strain on the cable (as it is more fragile than other cables). This cable should be more that sufficient.

    If these still aren't working, we can try component audio, but it will probably involve more adapters. But report back with how these are working and we shall go from there.
  4. Thank you very much
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