Hot CPU/motherboard turns down pc, maybe..

My Zotac ZBOX nano XS AD11 PLUS
turns its self off when reaching 54C (temprature seen in BIOS)

It seems it happens when playing video in Windows 8. But also in BIOS
when already warm.

Playing video has worked fine the last year. So why is this suddely happening?
The cooling fan over the CPU is working fine, I can hear it.

Please help!

Paal Hasle
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  1. It's a lot like a laptop in that it is small and likely using the minimum level of cooling. It could be very likely that a large amount of dust has accumulated within the heatsink/fan and just needs to be cleaned out. It happens quite often with laptops.
  2. ^yup, probably dirty.
  3. Hi, will try to open it and clean... :)
    Thought it could be some defect heatsink or somthing.. But since the fan is working it should be fine I supose.

    One think that are strange is that in BIOS i can set the Fan power to full for 50C 60C 70C .. and I have set it to 50C and the computer turns it self off
    at 54C. Why can I set it to 60C or 70C, when the computer turns itself off at 54C..? maby the BIOS is used for other compters with
    higher CPU temprature?
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    It may not be the cpu overheating, but the GPU. Same thing with laptops. When mine is connected to my tv or large format monitor, it will overheat when watching a movie and just shut off. Turned out to just be a dirty cooling system.
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