Certain websites timing out or slow loading

I am running the current version of Firefox on Windows 7 pro 64 bit while using Avast security on an AMD Piledriver using a DSL modem.

When I log on the internet, everything works fine on all websites. After a short while (ten minutes) some websites begin to lag, particularly with images not loading. On some sites, the images begin to time out within only a couple of minutes. An example would be Craigslist. I can browse three of four listings when the listings begin to lag and not load. The same thing happens with Wikipedia.

It does not happen with other sites, such as Ebay. I can perform a system shutdown and reboot and that can help, but not very well. If I leave the computer for a few hours the problem seems to go away but quickly returns after the same period of time as before.

I have cleared the cache and that sometimes helps, but sometimes does not. I have set Firefox to clear the cache every time I exit but that has not changed things. Again, this only happens on some sites, but not all sites. Any ideas?
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  1. Find the correct DNS address from your provider and try that. Also try Google (

    What ISP? Is it just a modem, or do you have a router too? Any other devices on the connection?
  2. first run a test on speedtest.net for your internet speed before browsing then you should play around until you feel its coming like slow loading and lag stuff like that. run a second test to see if there is any change. however if it does, get cfosspeed trial version to monitor your internet and this software might help increasing speed a bit and dont forget to report back
  3. I'd try restarting the modem, and router if you use one. Also switch your dns to the google public dns, it's fast and doesnt lag.
    If all this fails, post and we will see what to do next
  4. I tried to change the DNS to but Windows 7 told me it was invalid. Again, some sites time out, particularly the graphics but often the site does as well, but other do not. Ebay works just fine, including the graphics. Wikipedia often does not.
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