confused about power supply for pc

I plan to build a pc with specifications as follows
Fx 6300 6core processor
M5a97 le r3.0 motherboard
Kingston hyperx 4gb ram
Saphire r9 270x 2gb oc edition
1 tb harddisk

I was recommended a crossair cx 430 or an antec vp450p power supply for this build. my question is if any 450+ w power supply will work for my pc or is there something specific we see in buying the power supply?? I ask this because the case i m buying (mercury graph red black atx cabinet) comes with a 450w power supply. But unfortunately the sight gives no details about the maker or quality or any other detail about power supply
i am from india .
i have to ask if i should also order an extra power supply or the preinstalled one will be fine
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  1. There are a lot of cheap power supplies on the market that cannot safely deliver anywhere close to their rated wattage. This can be difficult to determine from the specifications, because if they can lie about the wattage, then they can surely lie about the rest too.

    The case and power supply you are looking at seems quite cheap, so I would expect the included power supply to be terrible.
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    Really the bundled PSU is not enough and you should be looking at 500watt unit with 2 x PCIe power connectors. Both PSU's you list only have 1 x 6 pin.
  3. The whole built was a recommendation from a site and they said i must go for a cx430 or vp450p but now when i checked it at this link
    It says i need a 600 w psu atleast recommended something above 600w for stability. Wat went wrong??
  4. It will run on either the Antec being better, Asus recommendations have a fairly large safety factor on them (almost double). Your selected GPU needs two times 6 pin PCIe power so it will be provided on the 500watt versions of the Corsair CX series.
  5. ishmeetrocks said:

    In that build they have either R9 270 or GTX660 which both only require 1 x 6 pin power versus your selected R9 270X which needs 2.
  6. Maybe i am being foolish pardon me for my ignorance but the vendor i m buying it through is giving a 6 pin to 4 pin power cable and a crossfire brige interconnect cable in package.. Will it help??here is the link
  7. Yes the adapter will work but I would get the Antec being a little stronger.
  8. It will work thanks for the reply. I really appreciate it
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