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I have a laptop with Windows 7. It's not partitioned that's why I'm worrying about my files if I reformat my hard drive and do a clean install. Getting an external HDD is a definite solution, so let's get past that. So I was wondering, if I make a second installation of Windows without deleting the old one or reformatting my hard drive, would it be possible to transfer files between those two installation of Windows? I mean like, can I access the Documents, Music, Pictures, etc folder of the first installation from the second installation of Windows? I just want to make a somewhat clean installation without getting rid of my important, large chunk of files. Thanks in advance.
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    You'd need to re-partition the disk which would wipe files. You should back up everything (all under Users) on another drive then do an install of Windows if you need to.

    Don't try to have 2 versions of any operating system on the same drive. Or you'll get multiple problems - with drivers, etc

    Try to keep your data on a different drive to your operating system. So you don't have to back it up for a change on the OS drive.
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