Most games not responding on my newly installed windows 8

Recently I installed win 8 and increased my ram to 4 gb on my desktop but then most games such as the entire assassins creed series and gta stop responding after launch. i tries everything on google. i updated all programs yet no hope.
I have an intel dual core 2ghz processor, 4 gb ram of which only 2.9 is usable which i dont understand, win8 64bi with a radeon hd5800
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  1. Most like your RAM. Did you set the timings correctly in the BIOS?
  2. Post your build - every component - make and model. Plus OS

    Is the ram compatible with the mobo per the mobo website approved memory (or QVL) list?
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    There was another similar post about high density DDR2 RAM not working on an LGA775 board, similar issue.
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