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Right now my rig has a ASUS MAximus V Extreme MB and the RoG MATRIX Platinum HD7970. My 7970 is malfunctioning and is being replaced under warranty. However, I have decided that it is too loud and maybe I could do better. All items were bought brand new about 16 months ago.

What I'm looking for is a new GPU, with equal or better performance to my HD7970, but quieter. Is the liquid cooling feature was built in = BONUS, but I would use an after market, if needed. Budgetary concerns need not factor in, but I think I would just like a single card.

Looking for what the experts in the community think is best right now. I have read the reviews here, but i really want to factor in liquid cooling and noise.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well... If budget is no factor, um.... The R9 295X2? You should really think of a budget, and list the rest of your components, AND the make, model, and wattage of your power supply. Then we can give you better recommendations.
  2. Try Gigabyte's Windforce 3X cards. They have 3 fans and are usually quieter and cooler than its competitions
  3. You can try this one. It is generally quieter and uses a bit less energy.
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    Any card in the NVIDIA 700 series is not a bad option, my SC FTW 4GB EVGA 760 is equivalent to a mid-range 770. I get 65-70FPS on BF4 @ 1080p Ultra Settings, and it's just a $320 card. Other reference 760's get about 50-60FPS on the same settings. If their lowest-end card in the 700 series can put out that kind of performance, the more money you put into a higher-end 700 series card, the better your experience will be. And as far as noise goes, with EVGA Precision X, you can customize a fan profile for your GPU fans according to temperature. So if you want your fans spinning at 100% at 70C, you can make it happen. And if you want your fan speed to be silent at idle, you can do that as well, there are many points you can control the fan speed to temperature with.
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