SLI GTX 660 Black Screen Error

Hi I am somewhat new at building desktops but I have been into pc gaming and upgrading pc's for a long time.

My Build is:
-Asrock 970 extreme3 (no VGA)
-AMD 8350
-2 Nvidia GTX 660 (2gb)
-8gb of Kingston HyperX
-1tb Seagate Hardrive
-120gb samsung evo ssd

I am having a problem with the graphics card for the first time. I have SLI'd 2 GTX 660 and when I boot up my computer it goes to through the start up and bios and to the windows loading logo. But after that it kind of flickers and goes to a black screen where I can still see my cursor. I have entered the computer in safe mode and uninstalled the drivers. I then restart my computer on normal mode and they pull up the desktop and are recognized as standard VGA output. I then reinstall the drivers, restart and the black screen comes up again. I'm seriously at a loss. Most fixes say to use the onboard graphics but my motherboard does not have one which is why I'm starting a new thread. Please help! Any and all is appreciated :)

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    The motherboard does not support SLI having the second slot @ X4 speed! Should run fine with a single card!
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