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Hi, I recently upgraded to IE11. I'm running Win 7 64 bit, SP!, with Avast anti virus installed. I also have Google Chrome installed and use AOL.
After opening to the home page on IE, and trying to open another tab, the 2nd (tab) page will stay blank. I tried disabling all my add-on and have IE as the default browser. I tried uninstalling IE11 to the default IE9, but the same issue occurs. I even uninstalled Chrome but it didn't change anything.
As long as I click around within IE's home page, it works fine. It's just when another tab needs to open, is when the problem starts.(blank page) I recently had to re-install my windows because of a freezing up issue. Everything else works fine now except for IE. I ran sfc /scannow with no change. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. IE is slow, buggy and unsafe, use Chrome (or whatever else you prefer). That's the best solution there is.
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    Hi all. I received this fix from another forum I was in. It worked for my situation.

    [You may want to print these instructions for offline reference. You must complete all of the steps in one (1) uninterrupted session. If a Step says to reboot, reboot!]
    1. Close all open applications (i.e., anything with an icon on the taskbar).
    2. Download/run the appropriate scripts from the following Trusted Source (my colleague IE MVP Kai Schätzl):
    Note => The scripts are good for IE9, IE10 & IE11, too!
    Tip: The file named contains both of the scripts below (plus a third one you will NOT use).
    3a. Close all open applications (i.e., anything with an icon on the taskbar) then double-click on the file named ie8-rereg.32on64.cmd to run the script.
    3b. Close all open applications (i.e., anything with an icon on the taskbar) then double-click on the file namedie8-rereg.64on64.cmd to run that script then reboot.
    4. Re-assert Internet Explorer as the default Browser in the CUSTOM (<=important!) section of Set Program Access and Computer Defaults.
    5. Reset Internet Explorer per the instructions on this page =>
    Note=> For optimal results, check the Delete personal settings option.
    6a. Open Internet Explorer (only!) to [ignore the title & Symptoms].
    6b. Ignoring any "Not recommended" or similar warnings, run Fix It 50202 in DEFAULT and then AGGRESSIVE modes. [1]
    7. Reboot & test.
    8. Reply to this post with a status report.
    Good luck!
    [1] Full Disclosure: Running the Fix It in AGGRESSIVE mode will delete your Update History but not the list of Installed Updates.
  3. This is a known issue with the Avast add-on. Disable it.
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