Dell Inspiron 3420 circus logic driver for windows XP

Dear friends i bought dell inspiron 3420 corei3 and i want to use only windows xp professional, i got all drivers for it except audio driver names circus logic, i spent days and night but i was unable to find it, please i beg to you make a driver for windows xp, i know this computer is designed to run 7 or 8 but i love my XP.
Please be mercy and help me as soon as possible.
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  1. That model ships with only Windows 7 or Windows 8. Dell does not support Windows XP on that hardware.
  2. well i said that i installed xp and i got all drivers for it except circus logic audio driver, isn't there any other alternative way to get that on my system?
  3. If the hardware manufacturer doesn't provide drivers then you are SOL. No one else is going to write a driver.
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