Looking for those with an Alienware M15X & GeForce GTX 460M

I'd like to start off by stating that I don't know much about laptop specifications or graphics cards. I have an Alienware M15X Dell laptop with a GeForce GTX 460M graphics card and I am unable to run any modern game without it lagging even with the game's graphics settings on the lowest.

However, I am able to play games perfectly when stealth mode is switched off but I'm wondering if this is damaging to my laptop? The fans go crazy and I can hear them a mile away. Has anyone else with the same laptop and graphics card switched stealth mode off for long periods of time when playing games such as Skyrim?

Also, can a GeForce GTX 460M even run Skyrim or any other similar games smoothly with stealth mode switched off? I know my processor and RAM are fine.

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    well stealth mode is kind of like optimus nowadays - basically turning on stealth mode means that it turns off your gtx 460M and only uses integrated graphics. and integrated graphics are very weak.
    However when stealth mode is turned off - the gtx 460M is turned on and active - meaning that that is used to process the games instead of the integrated graphics - therefore frame rates are very good.

    the gtx 460M (stealth mode turned off) can play skyrim at like middle to high settings at 1366x768 resolution. so long as you don't have texture packs running or any other mods
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