looking to buy a good secondary monitor. Any help appreciated.

Country of Origin - - - Canada! Where we ride majestic moose into battle.

What I plan to do with this monitor - - - Game, I have a 1920x1200 IPS monitor currently and would like to use this monitor as a second one or change them out to use as a primary monitor depending if it is better.

Resolution and screen size I want - - - I would assume a basic 1920x1080 would be ideal but whatever would be better.

Refresh rate I want - - - I would like a higher one. My current monitor is 60 Hz IPS, I wouldn't mind having 120 or higher if possible.

How much I am looking to spend - - - I would prefer cheaper then higher. As this is a second monitor I do not want to spend too much on it but do want a good one. Around 200 is ideal although if worth it I can go higher.

Brands Preferred - - - A well known brand is always nice but not needed, as long as its a reliable product and has a good warranty then I will definitely take a look at it.

Am I buying more then one monitor - - - No, if it is a bundle for 2 for a great price then I may but 1 is what I am looking at.

How many monitors my GPU can support - - - I have a unoverclocked Asus 780, I believe it can handle 4 monitors and I plan on using my tv as a third monitor for basic viewing. Exact GPU is Asus direct Cu II GTX 780.

What port would I like to connect to - - - I assume all port are the same. I'm not exactly sure what display port offers over HDMI or DVI. My gpu has a DVI-I DVI-D HDMI and Display Port. I am planning on using the dvi's for my monitors and HDMI for my TV. but I can buy a display port if necessary.

Is this monitor a primary or secondary display - - - This monitor would be a secondary display, possibly primary if it was better then my current one.

Is this monitor display for a laptop - - - No it is not.
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More about buy good secondary monitor appreciated
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    I would go for a 1080p TN panel in your case. With a response time 1 m/s it will be ideal for gaming in 1080p.
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