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Hello, i need to replace my mobo on my dell xps m1530 but im not sure which one is the right one for my xps, i have searched ebay and there are some mobos for the xps and if anybody could help me on which one of the ones listed that is right for my mobo, it would be very appreciative,

I have some snapshots i took using cpu z , maybe that might help a little.
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  1. Can you link the eBay item you are looking at?
  2. my dell service tag is - D50CGJ1, please help.
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    Sorry for the late reply. CPU-Z is probably best. Sometimes the same Dell model will have different motherboards. Sometimes it matters, other times it doesn't. But of course you need to be sure. If it was a desktop I would just say to look on the board but laptops are trickier. That being said, if you are planning on replacing the board, you will have to take it out at some point anyway so you might as well take it out now to find out what motherboard model it is. Or, you may not even need to take it out. You might be able to find the model number by opening the RAM access panel. It's a shot in the dark but maybe they had the foresight to print the model number on a spot on the board that didn't require complete removal to access. It also might be visible somewhere in the BIOS if you can access it. Lastly, you could chat to Dell customer support, give them your service tag, and they could tell you exactly what motherboard model you need. They will, however try to get you to buy it from them, which is much more expensive.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, what is wrong with the motherboard?
  5. According to this:
    there are only 2 boards for that laptop and they vary only in the video card so either should work. I would confirm this with Dell.

    Finding parts for laptops can be tricky. The motherboards have multiple part number and variances; it can be a headache. In this case it seems any board for xps m1530 should be fine. Again, just verify with Dell.
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