Windows Re install is SUPER large

I have a 64GB SSD as my boot drive which I have never had a problem with until now. I did a fresh re-install of Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer, updated it, and now the SSD is maxed out all of the time. I have uninstalled every display language pack that I could and have done disk cleanup countless times with no luck. I deleted the Windows.old folder after the install but still am having problems. I have never had this trouble before. Any thoughts.

Side Note: I only have one program installed on the SSD which is a little over 2GB, the rest of the space is Windows.
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  1. hiberfil?
  2. Advanced Mode?? Format?? Now I feel like an idiot for not thinking about this lol. It was driving me insane so i ended up ordering another 64GB SSD and am going to RAID them together. Thanks for the info.
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