EVGA 780ti SC ACX SLI heat and noise issues !!!

Hi, I recently bought 2 x EVGA 780ti SC ACX and when stress testing the top card is hitting 83c + while bottom sits at 70c, doesn't seem like the bottom fans are blowing nearly as much as the top card. With my 2gb 680s in SLI there was only ever about 2-3 centigrade difference in the temps under load (standard cooler by Gainward). Also there is coil whine (not major) sometimes and it seems the fan is making a terrible metallic racket as if something stuck in fan. I read this is a common issue? I bought these from and I live in Scotland UK. Scan are meant to have terrible customer services so a bit worried to be honest. I had it all fitted by a professional computer shop (upgraded the PSU at same time as cards). Should I have went for the SC card with the standard cooler?? I did read that the ones I got kept them 10c cooler which appealed to me. A bit gutted to be honest and not sure of the best plan of action, any advice will be greatly received.

i7 3770k OC'd to 4.3ghz
Noctua NH-D14 Cooler
Asus Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard
16gb Corsair 1600ghz Ram
256gb Samsung 830 SSD pro
2tb Seagate storage
Asus DX2 Soundcard
2 x EVGA 780ti SC ACX
Seasonic 1050w X Series Power Supply
Asus PB278Q 27-inch 2560x1440p
NZXT Phantom Full Tower Case (2x 200mm fan top, 1x 200mm fan side, 2x 120mm fan side, 1x 120mm fan rear and 1 x 140mm fan front)

Many thanks
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  1. Hey Friend, I have two SC 780's (ACX Coolers) and havent seen them go above 73c. That said, I have a full slot in between them and decent airflow + good cable management. Many folks advise against non-blower coolers for SLI configurations...and I would agree unless you can space the cards and exfill the case heat well.

    Are your 780ti's stacked on each other? Can you improve your case's cooling? (i.e., any obvious cooling issues, such as poor exhaust) If youve already looked into those options, it may be best to return them for reference coolers...IF SCAN will let you do that. GL Mate
  2. First thing i would suggest is run each card individually to see the differences in noise and temp, it will help you narrow down which card is causing problems.

    Secondly, if you end up needing to RMA, you can do it through EVGA themselves, instead of using Scan.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies! The cable management is excellent in my case (It was Chillblast initially then a professional local shop who did do an excellent job), there is one slot between them (SLI Bridge at max length anyway), Exhaust fans: 2 x 200mm on top, one 120mm rear. Intakes: 1x 200mm side and 2 x 120mm Side and 1x 140mm Front. Its a big roomy case NZXT Phantom Full tower.

    When I disable SLI at stress at 1440p the top card does not exceed 68-72c (It does make a rattling noise) but in SLI one card (or both)make a hell of a racket and top one gets to 83c+ whilst bottom stays at 70-72c. Although in HW monitor it says top card is getting hot and In Unigene Heaven it says bottom??). Also when I enable SLI in control panel I get a bit of coil whine.

    How long would it take for EVGA to RMA do you think?
  4. I'm not sure how long it would take, but make sure you investigate the problem further. You need to run the cards one at a time (not just taking SLI off, but actually removing one of the cards and testing them individually). Note any differences.

    The more info you can give to EVGA the better your chances are. If you only say "this card is running hot and makes coil whine" for example, they will test it and possibly observe that it's functioning correctly, and send it back. You said specifically the heat and coil while happens when SLI. Heat on it's own is a product of SLI, so they might not consider that qualified for RMA, but if you specify that there is coil whine only while SLI'd, that could get you further.

    That being said, EVGA has the best customer service in the market, so I wouldn't fret too much.
  5. Excellent, I think I will take it to the shop again and get them to do some proper investigating and note their findings for me so I can pass it on along with my own finings to EVGA with the computer shops details etc too. Most likely I will send this info to SCAN aswell to see what they have to say.

    100% sure they should be not making the terrible rattling metallic sound (read about this noise before on same card/cooler) and along with the whine and excessive temps I should hopefully be ok for RMA, rather annoying but I will just have to deal with it. I can always put my 680s back in for the time being OR just run one 780ti if there is only one playing up.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply guys
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    Your top card WILL ALWAYS run hotter than the bottom especially with coolers like the acx. My 2 780ti classifieds normally dont go above 74 or 75c but the bottom card is usually 67-69 and the top Is 71-75c. Your bottom card is exhausting its heat out and up which you top card is pulling its air directly from where the bottom card is exhausting it so its using already hot air to try and cool it down. Thats why blower style coolers are normally recommended for sli but your cards should be getting that hot unless you have terrible air flow or bad fan orientation causing bad airflow. I believe there was a update of some sort that fixed the noisy fans. Contact evga and double check or head over to their forums as there are alot of evga specialists over there. I have found tons of good info there that has helped me with my gpu's.
  7. Yeah my 680s ran within a few degrees of each other in the same case with no noise. 13 degrees centigrade difference seems extreme to me as the airflow in my case is good I think. I will have look over on evga forums too and see what they come up with.

    Thanks again
  8. Now if I overclock then run benchmarking like valley or heaven my top carx can hit 78 or 79 while the bottomg card is at 69-70c.
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