How do you connect power connectors properly on new graphics card???

Hello, I just bought the geforce gtx 780 ti sc acx graphics card and I am connecting it on my sabertooth(I think) x51 motherboard..(I believe that's the name) and I was wondering how you connect properly the power connectors??? Because I see a 6 pin and 8 pin but am not sure if I connect 1 of them or all of them to make it work??? Thanks in advance
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  1. Connect all of the connectors--for a 780 Ti it should be one 6 pin and one 8 pin or two 8 pins, whatever the case connect them all!
  2. Well that's another thing.. That graphics card has 2 2-headed power connectors with the other end having 1 head power connector.. And each of those go into each of the 2 slots on the graphics card... But problem is, on the other end that connects to power supply, the graphics cards power connectors have 4 heads of power connectors coming out...! :/ and my power supply only has a 2 headed(I believe) driven through an adapter to make it one-headed.. So how do I connect that??? :/ hope that wasn't confusing...
  3. Yeah you lost me haha, what do you mean 'head'? PCIe power cables are 6 and/or 8 pin.
  4. Ha well on the graphics card I got 4 power connectors sprouting out of the graphics card and on my power supply,(I think that's the name) I have (2) 4 pin wires that run into an adapter that is 6 pin. And another 3 separate 4 pin wires also coming out of the power supply making it 4 altogether I think... Ugh.. Sorry my comp has so many wires it's driving me crazy..! Lol if you can possibly help me somehow, please do
  5. Oh nevermind I'm sorry, now that I look at it I actually have (2) 4 pin wires coming out of the power supply that runs through a disconnectable adapter that is shaped 6 pins.. Do I remove the adapter and use only the two 4 pins or do I leave on the adapter and use the 6 pin?
  6. Please help me..!! :(((((((
  7. Okay I looked at your card and you have one 6 pin and one 8 pin connectors that both need to be hooked up for your card to work. From your power supply you should have a couple 6 pin PCIe cables and maybe an 8 pin--you need to plug one of the 6 pin cables into the 6 pin slot on your card and one of the 8 pin cables to the 8 pin slot on your card.

    What's your power supply brand and model number? I can tell you which cables to use if I have that information
  8. Oh nevermind I got it working! thanks everyone for your help! It was just a loose wire inside lol appreciate your help everyone! :) you guys have been great!
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