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I am trying to find a good liquid/air cooling case. Ive looked around, and i like the look of the things i see but i want bigger. i was thinking of building from scratch. i like the look of the silverstone tjo7 but it just isnt big enough, also the corsair obsidian 900d looks very good but then again it just isnt what im looking for. price isnt a big factor in this. but like the cooler master Haf stacker with all 3 sections is the right size but i would like it to all be in one case not in 3 segments. i was thinking of buying all 3 and combining them but i want a case that is really wide also between 10-12 inch case so does anyone have a suggestion?
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  1. The stacker joins together anyway.
  2. The build I would like right now is $2,796.92 on Newegg pricing if i spent $3500 i would have almost $800 for a case and liquid cooling system.
  3. yes i know it joins together, but i dont want to have any gaps between the cases. plus im not a big fan of the look of the mesh on the haf series
  4. CaseLabs Magnum STH10 is exactly what i was looking for i wish it was a little wider but the height is perfect.
  5. The don't use the haf stacker if you don't like. Try something else eg
  6. Awesome! I'm glad my random tech browsing helped someone! >.<

    And no to add MORE choices, but if you chose to go the, build a case from scratch, rout, CaseLabs also sells some spiffy looking "tech stations" basically a Mobo tray and PCI slots
  7. Wide? Lian-Li PC-D600? It is however divided inside into two halves. They also do some other large cases in more conventional configurations.
  8. If you did decide to build from scratch it might be worth getting any random cheap case just to rip the motherboard tray and back plate out of.
  9. I kind of like that Lian-Li PC-D600 its plenty wide and it has a lot of room, i could deal with the split in the middle from the motherboard tray. and if i built from scratch i would find a cheap case and use the motherboard tray and pci slots
  10. Those cases are great - big, neat but out of my league cost wise.

    Got a budget?
  11. For now im willing to spend up to $2000 on a build excluding monitors and peripherals, i want to make a pc that when you look at it, it makes a statement.
  12. With $2000 for the whole build, you'll have to give up something if you spend big on a case. If you're really keen then I suggest you get a so-so case and finish your build then work on a custom case. Probably using the idea suggested by Stig of trashing a cheap case and keeping what you want eg mobo tray. Then sign up for metal shop lol.
  13. $2000 dollars is my starting budget max would be $3500 so i have room to work.
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