Raid O SSD setup with trim enabled on MSi 970A-G45

Was wondering if anyone has had any success with setting up Raid-0 with trim enabled on my board, its a msi 970a-g45. Wanting to try a raid setup with 2 samsung evo series ssd's. Do i just need a bios update for the trim support? This will be my first raid setup so i just want to make sure i take the proper precautions and have all of the info i need to set it up successfully ahead of time.
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  1. Not withstanding the 'how can you do this'.....why do you want to do this?
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    Amd does not support trim in raid.

    Evo will not run in rapid mode while in raid, ie - the raid0 will be slower than a single drive.

    The first precaution when running any raid is having a good backup system.
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