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Hi everyone, I installed the H80i today and downloaded corsair link so that i could control the fan speeds, it worked and everything went smoothly, i set up a couple of profiles, made a custom curve and then tried running the fan's at 100% to see how loud/how well it cooled my system.

I was playing a game that makes my processor run hotter than anything else so i played with 100% fan speed for a good couple of hours.
After i had finished playing i wanted to watch a film, so i went back onto corsair link to turn the fans down as they were rather loud.
However, the two pictures of the fans had disappeared so i couldn't turn the fan speed down.

I've tried uninstalling it, re-installing, made sure all cables are in etc. but i just can't get it to work, can anybody help me?
It's really annoying having my fans stuck at 100%...
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  1. Have you tried using any other programs to control the fans. Usually, most fans are connected to the MB by a simple 4-pin connector, so they shouldn't have any sort of special protocol to controlling them. Speedfan is a really good program to try out as you can do all the same profile work you can in CL. At minimum, it should help turning down the fans to a more reasonable level.
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    Thanks for the quick reply, but got it to work now :), I uninstalled the software again by manually deleting the corsair folders and then uninstalling from control panel, deleted all of my profiles, then re-installed corsair link, started the software then closed it, then swapped the usb header and re launched, and they showed up.
    Also i don't think speed fan would have worked as the fan connector thing is only a 3 pin one, and correct me if i'm wrong but don't you need a 4 pin one for that?
    Anyway hope this helps anyone else experiencing this problem.
  3. Eeh, it will depend on your MOBO rather or not you have PWM built in to the connectors. Am glad to hear your cooling solution is working well now. Good luck and happy gaming. ;)
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