Installing heatsinks on a asus gtx780ti

I've just bought an nzxt kracken g10 with a thermaltake extreme 3.0 AIO.
The problem is that the VRAM cooling isn't that great and I've been advised to install small heatsinks to the card but I don't know how to or even where to install them. Any help would be great
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    You'll want to get something like these, , and some thermal adhesive, , to attach them. They attach right over the VRAM chips on the board (all those black squares). I am about to do the very same thing to my 780ti as well.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply. But I live in Australia and those parts are hard for me to get so I have to order them from the states. So is there any chance you could keep in touch with me and tell me if it's worth while putting them on ?
    I'd be very appreciative.
  3. Honestly, unless you're overclocking your VRAM to a high degree you don't need those heatsinks--they're a nice extra and can help in overclocking, but they're not necessary at stock or even a mild OC.
  4. There really just for extra cooling since the kracken g10 I'm putting on it has great gpu cooling but pretty average VRAM cooling. And it was something that was advised.
  5. Of course people are going to advise it as owners of 780 Ti's are power users and overclock the bejesus out of their cards--which is the only scenario that you'd need these heatsinks.

    If you can find some, go for it. Otherwise don't kill yourself searching for some as they're simply not necessary.
  6. I'll let you know what a difference it makes. I don't know if you are doing any overclocking or not, but that is the reason why I am using this cooler and adding those HS.
  7. Thank you. also yeah i am currently overclocking and im not a fan of near 90 degree temps so if it works please tell me :)
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