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My computer has five fans. Two intakes, two exhausts, and the fan on the CPU cooler. My case has a built in controller (Fractal Design Define R4), which allows for 12v, 7v, and 5v settings. However, this controller only supports 3 fans with 3 pin plugs. Two of my fans have 3 pin plugs, the other 4 have four pins. I was interested in the NZXT Sentry 3, to the point where I actually ordered one, but NZXT's service was horrible and I ended up cancelling the order. (I ordered it, two weeks later without an update I contacted customer service. They said it would be shipped the next day. That day, I got another email asking me to fill out a form with my credit card info, which I already entered into their site, and then mail that info to their center in Florida. At that point I gave up.)

I'm considering getting the Sentry 2 from Newegg, but its viewing angles are supposed to be poor and quality control is questionable. I would prefer something with a touchscreen, but knobs work just as well.

My requirements:
- Be able to turn off individual fans
- Support 3 pin and 4 pin fans (if this isn't possible, I might just buy new fans)
- Touchscreen would be great but not 100% necessary
- Prefer Amazon or Newegg. Amazon is best because I'm already subscribed to Prime.
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  1. How bout using the built in one for the 3 pins and connecting the 4 pin ones to the motherboard?
  2. My motherboard doesn't have any 4 pin slots. I plugged the 4 pin fans into the 3 pin slots on the motherboard so they're just running at 100% all the time. I'd like to turn off all the fans except the CPU and maybe the exhaust at night and when I'm watching shows on it as they can get quite noisy.
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    i would suggest this one, i myself own this. and it is great you can change colour on the screen to anything, and it have 30w per channel wich most others only have 15w even when its enough.

    there are other touch screen ones but i still like the one with actual buttons or wheels much easier to use and lower change to fail.
    i have had this for over a year and its awesome and works great. and it comes really long extenstion cables with it, so no matter what case you will be bale to conenct your fans : )
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