which graphics card is better

they're already in the compare of newegg just can't tell which one would be best i'm looking for the best possible card for no more then 200|14-125-511^14-125-511-TS%2C14-127-761^14-127-761-02%23%2C14-127-769^14-127-769-TS&percm=14-127-769%3A%24%24%24%24%24%24%24
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  1. Link didn't work. Just tell us what cards you're considering and their prices.
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    The 750 Ti has a 128-bit bus width so I would not recommend it for 1080p unless you prefer steady 30 fps over 60.

    The R9 270X will generally have 10% more FPS than the R9 270 as it is essentially factory overclocked and has better overclocking ceiling than the R9 270.

    I would probably get the 270X If you play AAA titles like Battlefield, Call of Duty or Crysis etc. The 270 will absolutely get the job done though.
  3. Link still doesn't work. But if the choice is between the 750Ti and 270X then I'd go for the 270X. It benchmarks higher -
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