NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2040MB won't work with driver

I decided to upgrade from my Geforce GTS 8800 to a GeForce GT 640 2GB. It worked on startup. I went to install drivers through device manager, and my screen flashed black and blue lines then My monitor loses signal, same happens if I use my TV.

So naturally, I unplug the card, boot with integrated graphics, and uninstall the drivers. I then re insalled the card, which booted normally. This is when I tried a different approach. I get the drivers from Nvidias website, use express installation, and of course barley half way through installation, screen gets black and blue lines and I lose signal.

By now I've lost my patience. So, I did my research. Yes, my Bios is set to PCI-E as default and NOT integrated graphics. My PC uses BIOS and BIOS only. Not UEFI. I don't believe it is compatible. I can't find secure boot option anywhere, and the card works until the driver is installed, so that is not the issue. Yes, I have used driver sweep to ensure ALL previous drivers have been removed. I have tried installing in safe mode. Same problem, also I have tried with anti-virus off, and windows defender off, and disconnected from network.

I'm about to get a full refund and just buy a 650. Here are my computer specs.

Mainboard: MSI 760GM - P23
550w power supply.
1 TB hard disk space.
AMD FX - 6100 Six core 3.3Ghz (Overclocked to 3.8)
I am running windows 8.1

I have tried registry edit trickery as well, still nothing. I am getting desperate.
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  1. I honestly don't know :^(

    You did all the things I would've suggested soooo..... I'd RMA it or refund and get the 650.

    Sorry for your troubles :^(
  2. Hello Guitarman206,

    Since you just bought it, bring it back to where you bought it and let them test if it is faulty, if so, they will just replace it or if you do want, a full refund would do.
  3. It was ordered off Amazon.
  4. guitarman206 said:
    It was ordered off Amazon.

    Amazon will do that too.
  5. Update your motherboard drivers, not the bios but the drivers. Sometimes this helps with the upgrade to a PCIe 3.0 video card.
  6. Can you send us a picture of these blue and black lines you are saying? Contact Amazon and they will help you.
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