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So I was pretty sure to buy Samsung drives, until I read a few articles and forums posts and a lot of people suggest Crucial M500 since it has good protection, even against power outage. Can power outage be a problem with SSD's?

I meant to buy 1x 250GB drive for OS and programs and 1x250GB drive, for some postgress based program and databases (poker related) and some files. database is not that big, a few gigabytes, but a lot of small files.

And my normal disk would be used for most of the files and "archive".

So since the price atm on amazon is $115 for M500 240gb and $153 for Samsung Evo 250gb and $140 for Intel 530.
I wonder if I would benefit a lot for my needs if I got with a bit faster SSD(OS or Database stuff). Should I just take one 500 (or 480gb) drive? I figured if I have 2 I have easier time to keep them tidy, I would probably make partition otherwise and if one goes bad I still have another one.

Since I am maybe buying the 3rd one for older computer $40 difference is quite huge.

Thank you!
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    3 years ago I wanted to upgrade the HDD in my 2007 Dell Latitude D620. I never really used it but every now and then I fired up the Windows machine, it was just painfully slow. I popped the OCZ Vertex 2 in there which people complained about speed vs other brands. Three years later it's still a great job and Windows runs super fast on that machine. I sprung for a top of the line SSD in my desktop but I don't know if I would again unless I had a specific need for more speed.
  2. Intel 530 series SSD. 5 year warranty.
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