cant delete old windows files

I had windows 7 32 bit but under some circumstances had to install the 64bit version on another partition(i have 2). partition X is the one with my 32bit os and partition C is the one with my new installed 64bit version.

i have a rather small harddrive though so i need to beable to delete all the now worthless system files but i cant.
partition X is currently the active/system/primary partition
partition C is currently the boot/logical partition

i downloaded easeUS partition master and it says that i can not change the tye types of partitions so i dont know how i can delete the 20something gigs of files that are now useless to me.
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  1. You should be able to do this via Windows' native disk management program.

    Open the run window (Windowkey+R) and type in diskmgmt.msc

    Under your main drive letter, select the partition you want to remove, right click and press "delete volume." After it is done, select the main drive partition you want larger and select "expand volume" and type in the max space that was deleted from the previous partition.

    After, hit apply and wait for it to process. You should have a nice new partition to call your own now. If not, write back with any errors and we can go from there.
  2. cant delete partition. it says windows cannot delete the active system partition on this disk.
  3. The following should make that particular partition an in-active partition:

    Windows - How To Make Partition Not Active:

    Open up a command prompt and type DISKPART.

    Type LIST DISK
    Type SELECT DISK n (where n is the number of the active disk you wish to make inactive)
    Type SELECT PARTITION n (where n is the number of the active partition you wish to make inactive)
    Type EXIT to exit DISKPART
    Type EXIT again to exit the command prompt

  4. will that auto make my other partition the active/system partition?
  5. i tried that. and I couldnt boot from my second partition the one with the 64bit windows installed. i put in a windows cd and ran repairs it made the old partition active again. also when i was in the repair disk i tried to open a command prompt to make my main 64bit os partition the active partition. but it said it could not do it because of the partition type.

    in the disk managment screen it says that my 64bit os partition is "boot,page file, crash dump, logical" and the one i want to get rid of is "system,active, primary"

    if i cant actually boot off the logical partition is there anyway i can put files onto the primary partition to make it boot the os on the other partition so I can actually delete the massive amount of file space all the system files are taking up?
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    Ya, sounds like your paging file got mixed up in the confusion there. If you can get to safe mode, go ahead and try this out:

    If not, then you'll have to do this via the command prompt in the windows disk.

    Here are the commands you will need to use:

    And if this doesn't work, I would honestly just back up your important data and re-format the drive fully. It will be much easier than having leftovers from that 32bit install hanging around.
  7. pagefile cant be on the same partition that boots?
  8. Hmmm... so can you actually get into windows right now or are you now doing this from the command prompt?

    If you can get to windows, right click your computer, select properties, click "Advanced System Settings" on the left, click the peformance option, then select the "Advanced" tab, then under virtual memory, select change. If "Automatically manage paging file size" is selected, de-select it. Go to the drive (partition) you want to keep and select custom size. Enter a value you think would do nicely and hit "set." Then, go to the other partition you are looking to get rid of, select "no paging file" and press set again.

    Click OK after you are all done, it should ask you to restart your computer, which you should do. Once you restart, your paging file should be on the other partition. If you come across any more errors, post them here again.
  9. i was able to put the paging file on the other partition but I cant still convert my main os partition to primary or make it "active" do i have to move the dump file to the other partition as well?
    also it takes me forever to restart since computer has to cool or something for 30min whenever i restart before it can turn on again. really anoying whenever i have to restart a few times in a row.
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