memory settings advice needed

Asus p8z77 v lk board
I7 3770k CPU
Wd black 1tb drive
Samsung 840 pro ssd
Corsair 600 psu
Patriot viper extreme px38g1600c11

Had stable system, then replaced ram with 2 8gb 1600 mhz sticks of above ram and started getting bsod. updated bios, ran sticks individually thru memtest86, no errors. Patriot said it may have just been bios. However, I am getting bsod again. Patriot now wants me to adjust dram to 1.65v, and tRFC to 300.
Are these safe settings? I don't want to harm any other hardware (cpu?)
Thanks, I'm a novice, and really appreciate your help.
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    Have you tried running the sticks under XMP? If possible, I'd return them, 1600/9 is considered entry level, 1600/11 is very slow, could get performance out of 1333/9 sticks....and there's no way these should need 1.65 or need a tRFC of 300...maybe 208 or so...if they are telling you to try this have a feeling THEY think/know you have a bad stick or two
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