Anybody know the reason for this error?

I'm sorry if this isn't the place to put this, I really couldn't think of where to ask. If a mod wants to move it to a better suited location, please do. However, I my cpu isnt a (k) version so i can't overclock it, but, it has a turbo boost mode and it wasn't enabled for some reason so I went into BIOS and enabled it. Now whenever I try to access google or youtube and I've also noticed a problem with skype, I get this :

I'm using google chrome but I'm also getting problems loading the age with internet explorer too. The turbo was supposed to be enabled anyways and is automatic on whether or not to clock up to 3.9 instead of 3.5 so I don't think that's it as i've also went back and disabled it and still have the issue. I'm afraid i might have misclicked or changed something in BIOS and saved without realizing I changed something else as well. I don't want to go in and start changing things and then be in a worse spot lol. If anyone has an idea of a solution or some things to try I'd be very grateful! Thanks!
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  1. That's very unlikely to have anything to do with Turbo Boost.

    If you're connected to an open WiFi network, someone is probably trying to man-in-the-middle you.
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    I found the answer lol. Apparently while i was in BIOS i changed the time/date and it was reading april 2nd instead of april 23rd. I can now connect to those sites listed above. Thanks anyways though lol. I knew i hit something i shouldn't have haha
  3. Reset CMOS to defaults. Motherboard battery out for few sec or use jumper/button. It will delete all changes and you may have to go in and set what ever configuration you had before.
  4. Of course - recently revoked/replaced certs.

    Another case of the OP gets the Solution...
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