how to install windows 7 in acer mini laptop use unix

Install win 7 boot failure on acer mini laptop - how could solve it may be from Unix system
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    Are you asking how you could re-install windows on the drive or are you wanting to replace Windows with Unix?

    If you are wanting to do the first, you can simply use the Windows 7 installation disk or thumb drive and re-format the drive for a new install.

    This link should prove helpful for you:

    Please be sure you have completely backed up the files on that HDD BEFORE doing a format as they will be lost permanently.

    Once the drive is formatted, just follow the instructions to install windows. If your computer came with a license, you should find it on your case as a small blue/ turquoize sticker. Remember to remove the battery and check under that if you don't find it anywhere else. And otherwise, you'll have to purchase a license or, well find another way.
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