Cannot update firmware or use TRIM on solid state drive.

I fitted an Intel 530 SSD through the SATA port on my Dell Dimension 8300 and downloaded the Intel toolbox. It tells me my system is in IDE mode and so I cannot update the firmware. Without an update I cannot run the TRIM function.
I have BIOS revision A03 and I cannot find a switch for IDE/AHCI mode.
Can anyone help? DM
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  1. What motherboard is it? If its a Dell then you'll have to talk to them
  2. Yes, Dell, they reckon it might have a SATA/IDE bridge and not support real AHCI. They suggest that Windows 7 does not need TRIM. Does that mean there may be no need for the Intel SSD optimiser?
  3. The Optimiser (SSD Toolbox) uses TRIM Windows 7 trim function works out what data cab be wiped from the ssd so it don't get full and come to a stop
    It is recommended to use trim to extend the life of your ssd

    So I think what Dell told you isn't correct.

    But basically what they are saying is that they don't support the use of ssds. For me this is just another reason not to buy a Dell
  4. I am afraid I have some bad news for you. The reason your Dell Dimension 8300 is in IDE mode is because there is no ACHI mode. The 8300 was first released in May, 2003. That is 3 years before Tom's Hardware published the very first ssd reviews. Your motherboard will not support a modern 3rd generation SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd. There is no fix for it.

    i7Baby - The motherboard is 11 years old so there is no valid reason to post it is another reason not to buy a Dell. Actually consumer ssd's did not become popular until 2008 - a full 5 years after the motherboard was released.
  5. Thanks, at least now I know. Meanwhile I swapped it out into a newer system and updated the firmware there, swapped it back and optimiser now works fine although I won't get the full benefits of an SSD
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