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Sorry if this is wrong thread.

I have been having issues with booting over the last 6 months. Computer will give me first post beep, load BIOS screen and then sit there.

Cannot not enter bios setup or boot load menu - Does not respond to keyboard commands, F12/Delete etc. Keyboard does appear to have power, G19 keyboard.

It is an intermittent issue, cannot seem to find a reason why sometimes I have no problems. (Loads directly into Windows 7 login screen) other times it will take me up to 12 power cycles, including normal restart button, holding power for 10secs, unplugging power cable from PSU and then holding down power button, replacing cable and powering on before it finally decides to load into the OS.

Another intermittent issue, sometimes it will load pass BIOS, access the disk drive and try to load the OS but it will get a disk read error and need to ctrl+alt+delete to restart, other times no problem.

No hardware was changed prior to this happening. However new SSD/PSU/GPU/RAM was installed about 3-4 months prior.

Trouble shooting I have tried already:

Cleaning dust out - CPU fan had a heavy build up of dust, cleaned this all out with Aircan + Vacuum (I thought this was the cause because after the clean it worked fine for about a week without issue) Cleaned out other fans/GPU is well.

Unplugged peripherals before powering on - keyboard/mouse etc. No change.

Usual malware/Virus scan - no issues.

My thoughts if hardware, either the SSD (which has the OS loaded on it) or RAM, however I would think if it was hardware related with the RAM or SSD I would run into the occasional crash or issue with programs, SSD has OS and Games on it so accessed alot. However once I can finally get the computer on it runs fine, no issues, can leave it for days, no issues.

Possible thought may be software, recent updates have been window 7 updates, GPU drivers, Razor epic mouse drivers. Again though, would think all of this would only affect PC once OS has loaded.

I am bit a stumped, any advice or help would be very much appreciated.


CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.5Ghz (No OC)
MOBO: Gigabyte Tech GA-990FXA-UD3
RAM: Kingston DDR3 16GB 1600MHz Gaming Performance HyperX Memory Kit
GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX760 SC version with ACX Dual Fan cooling system
SSD: Samsung 256GB 840 Pro Series 2.5" SATA3 SSD Drive
HD: Generic 1TB HD
PSU: SeaSonic M12II 850 SS-850AM 850W ATX12V EPS12V SLI Ready 80 PLUS BRO
Keyboard: G19
Mouse: Razor Naga Epic

OS: Windows 7 Home
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  1. You're stuck at the BIOS right? Then there is no problem with Windows or the Drivers. This might be a Hardware Failure.

    - Have you tried swapping the RAM?
    - Remove the CMOS Battery for 10sec then return it
    - Remove GPU and run with Integrated GPU
  2. The very last part of a bios hardware check is storage devices.
    So if it halts or takes ages with one beep most of the time.
    Then the problem is detection with the SSD drive or HD.

    A quick test is to disconnect the HD.
    See what happens.

    If it boots fine and enters the bios as well then you have a conflict between the SSD drive and the HD.

    The most common cause is how your Boot order is set in the bios.
    Always make sure the drive that is boot able, with an OS is set before any other Hd used for storage ect.

    But as a test if the SSD is the OS boot drive set it to 1 in the boot order.
  3. So this morning had even more issues.

    Now the PC just kept rebooting when hitting the BIOS screen.

    So removed CMOS battery and put it back in - Now NO Post beep at all, just a black screen.

    Tried isolating hardware, down to just CPU, 1 stick of RAM and SSD. Still no POST beep.

    So I thought why not, went and got a new CMOS battery, put it in and right away got a beep, put all hardware back in. Powered on and loaded into what I guess was a CMOS recovery page, selected it to load last known good configuration. PC restarted and then loaded right into windows.

    Looks like my CMOS had been wiped though as date/time was reset to 2011 which I guess was manufacture date.

    So hopefully the CMOS battery was the issue, will keep my fingers crossed. I do find it odd though as I thought a CMOS battery should last about 5 years, more if you use your PC often.
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    Lucky you did take the CMOS battery thingy, sometimes that really is the problem. If the CMOS battery did not fix the problem, you would have started checking some bloated capacitors on the motherboard.
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