Is this a good PSU for a budget home office build?

So I'm looking to help someone build a new PC and I've seen this PSU listed on
It looks to be better than the other options available in this price range (Under £50) but I just wanted to know whether it looks good enough to you guys. Thanks in advance.
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  1. I wouldn't spend £45 on that PSU, get this XFX 450W at £35:

    It's built by Seasonic (a top-quality PSU producer), has more available wattage (this is good as the PSU ages) and has the same 80+ Bronze rating plus you save some coin.
  2. I'm not going for an XFX power supply due to poor experience I had with fan noise.
  3. The power of pcpartpicker , a Macbook air, and 15 MB/s of WiFi
  4. Dylzan said:
    I'm not going for an XFX power supply due to poor experience I had with fan noise.

    I think the issue with fan noise may have been isolated, but I know how you feel when you get a product you feel is sub-par from a manufacturer.

    Enermax builds the PSU you're asking about. Jonnyguru has a review of the 650W version of the Triathlor and scores it highly and says it runs quietly:

    I trust the PSU reviews on that site. If you're asking if it's a good PSU for your build and you're set to spend that amount, I'd say go for it. There are less expensive options. I'd even consider the Corsair CX430 for a build for a home office computer:

    It's built by Channel Well which is the manufacturer that put Corsair on the map as a top PSU company with the TX series. Again... jonnyguru:
  5. According to PCPartPicker the total wattage of the system will be under 200w, so that's why the wattage isn't too important to me as it isn't going to be under any heavy load/used for rendering or gaming. I haven't even looked at the CX line before due to the poor reviews I've heard about them (although there are different revisions that look identical and is confusing) but for what this PC needs to do it seems like it could be a good option.
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    Trust when it comes to power supplies. They use a very good, consistent test methodology. You don't need 430W, but the Corsair PSU is cheaper. Just because the PSU can throw out 430W doesn't mean your system will require that of it and it won't be pulling a high amount of power from the wall if your PC only needs 200W. It will pull what's required to run your system at 80+ bronze efficiency. The Enermax you asked about is good, but jonnyguru rates the Corsair I suggested even higher. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the Corsair after reading the jonnyguru review.

    Where have you seen bad reviews about the CX line? I'm not talking average joe opinions on the forums, but those reviews from professional reviewers?
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