No display when new Graphica Card power connectors plugged in

traded down my 680 for an r9 270x today and I cant get the monitor to come on. the only way is comes on is if I unplug the power connectors and use the motherboards HDMI port. I have tried...

-switching to PCI graphics in the BIOS (cant get into BIOS with GPU connected though, as cant see anything)
-disabling Intel HD 3000
- uninstalling ^
- installed latest AMD drivers
- uninstalled nvidia drivers
- tried booting in safe mode
- plugging in the GPU connectors and running the HDMI cable into the motherboard directly. still nothing.

really hope this GPU isnt defective
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  1. You can eliminate the possibility of a bad card if you have some other known-good computer to plug it into.
  2. tested in my brothers crappy PC and it detected just fine. heres my full specs

    MSI Z68A-G45 (G3)
    i5 2500k 4.0Ghz
    Win7 64bit
    Corsair GS800 PSU
    HyperX 8Gb (2x4gb) RAM kit

    I find it hard to believe its a component issue as I had a 680 running just fine on it not 24 hours ago

    while frantically googling I saw some people say that updating their BIOS worked. well I have updated my BIOS to the highest through LiveUpdate 5. tried clearing the CMOS and still no luck
  3. anyone have any suggestions at all, im out of ideas :/
  4. you listed you installed the amd drivers and then removed the NVidia drivers?? not good first you uninstall the old card drivers re boot as prompted insure that the old card is now only using the windows default display driver if so shut down and remove the old card and install the new card boot back in to windows then load the new drivers and reboot
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