Dell dimension E520 Graphics Card upgrade 2014

i have a core 2 duo E6600
3gb RAM
and a corsair 500m PSU

i am thinking on getting a radeon HD 6670 2gb ddr3 or a VTX3D Radeon 7750 1gb DDR5

but i am not sure if the 7750 will fit or not, cant find dimensions for this variant of it.. which one should i purchase??

and has anyone put either of these in an E520?

any help would be much appreciated :D
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  1. Is that the Dell model that has the motherboard mounted upside down, only offers a single slot expansion opening, and has a huge shroud in the way of the PCIe X16 slot?

    If so, and you have the stock Dell PSU, this would be the answer for you:
    It is a single slot-width card and is short enough not to interfere with the shroud.
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    Your C2D won't bottle neck either card. If you are only gaming at 1280x1024 (less than 720p), either card will work well for you. If you want the best FPS, go for the HD 7750. Btw, there's no benefit going to 2GB of VRAM with a card of that class. Especially at that low resolution. It will barely use all of its 1GB.
    But, if possible, look for a card with GDDR5, not GDDR3 VRAM. The memory bandwidth makes a big difference in frame rate.

    This is a comparison based on cards with GDDR5:
    Cards with GDDR3 will be slower.
  3. Yes that is my case, and I have got a corsair 500W PSU the card you mentioned may not fit as its a tad over 7 inches I heard only under 7inches can fit properly, the Radeon 6670 is 6 something inches.. but the 7750 I mentioned the VTX3D GDDR5 one is more value for money but do not know this particular models size,,
  4. I have just purchased this one :)

    Its PCI 3.0 and my Dell is PCI 1.0 how much will that affect this card? It should be backwards compatible right? Thanks for your help so far!!
  5. Have you already measured to see? I know the similar Dell Optiplex has about 7 1/2" clearance to that shroud. But if you are sure the one I linked to won't fit due to length, then you will have to grab whatever low end single-bay short card fits. The HD 6670 is about the same performance as the on-die GPUs that come with the A10-XXXX series AMD APUs. The HD 7750 would be a step up from that, of course. What resolution is your monitor?
  6. Yes, PCI Express is a backward compatible interface. No cards today can make much use out of PCIe 3.0 even if it were available. As to your situation... The lesser bandwidth of your MB's PCIe 1.0 probably won't make any difference with the slow DDR3 memory.
  7. Previously I have measured it to be approximately 7 inches maybe a touch longer.. but I think it would be a risk if purchased the card that you linked maybe... my resolution is 1280x1024 I believe.. im not going for best image im going for fps... I dunno how bad my CPU would bottleneck a HD7750..

    this is the 7750

    And the 6670
  8. okay fair enough... thanks a bunch for your posts! and ill comment on here how it runs when i get the card! :)
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