BF4 constantly crashing on $3000 gaming pc!!!

So i went out and built myself a $3000 gaming pc as you do :D. This pc was intended for graphical games such as BF4. So i go out and buy the game, 25 gigs of it, and install it, open it, play 2 campaign missions and from then on every 5 minutes it crashes. No idea why, others in the world seem to have this problem, any ideas? Thanks

Im playing in ultra 1920x1080p@60+ FPS(as FRAPS suggests)

CPU: FX-9370@4.94GHZ
Cooler: Corsair H110 liquid loop
Mobo: Asus crosshair v formula z am3+
GPU: Asus R9 290x
Ram:16Gb of Muskin blackline ridgeback @2400MHZ
PSU: Corsair RM750
Case: NZXT H440 Silent case
8 Fans total
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  1. has to be a driver not working right worst case is have to do a clean install good luck
  2. Not that i know of. The whole bios is pretty elaborate itself.
  3. By drivers do you mean my R9 290X?
  4. You might be getting an unstable electricity flow, try going to BIOS / PSU / Options / and there you'll see an option for Anti -surge put that on instead of off.
  5. overclocking? psu probably underpowered
  6. Thanks all, ive increased the power target % and GPU Voltage while gaming and since then ive had no crashes, so im guessing that he wasn't pulling enough power for the game.
  7. i had the same issue in BF4... i had to undervolt and underclock my GPU in order to play for more than 10 minutes.
    750watt is more than enough for that system.

    First thing to do is do a clean AMD driver uninstall (google that for help)

    then download a different driver.. don't just re-install the same one you have. try the previous one.
  8. What do you mean by crashing? BSOD? Computer turns off? Screen goes black with sound loop? BF4 CTDs? We really need to know how it crashes. If you computer turns off or it CTDs (crashes to desktop) then it isn't your display driver.
  9. Thanks.
    @rgd1101: Should i possibly underclock the cpu back to 4.4GHZ? Would my cpu be the problem?
    @lowriderflow: Thanks ill give that a go
  10. I hope you've taken notice of your temperatures? You should always check your avarage temps when gaming when you're building your own computer.
  11. By crashing i mean. Theres two options, its either the screen freezes when im often in a vehicle or the map has just loaded or two: it closes to desktop with an error message.
    GPU's fans @ 80% default so im guesing shes pritty hot, i usually monitor it via afterburner or gpu tweak and it sits around 70+

    Like it was all fine for the first couple campaigns then it started to constantly crash or freeze so i'd restarted it a few times, let it cool down and it still happens
  12. award said:
    @rgd1101: Should i possibly underclock the cpu back to 4.4GHZ? Would my cpu be the problem?
    @lowriderflow: Thanks ill give that a go

    yeah, test it with un overclocking the cpu.
  13. Well what does the error message say? Put your stuff all back to stock and see if it works.
  14. Great news! So i was wondering through other peoples posts with the same issue and someone suggested the issue was with punkbuster needing updating etc. So i look around and i actually dont have it installed. So i download it, then updated it and finally completed two missions on ultra no crashing whatsoever @63*C :D
  15. Uh you won't be able to connect to servers if you don't have punkbuster installed. At least not to PB enabled servers. Glad you got it fixed though.
  16. Nope the issues back again -_- It quits me to desktop saying windows has encounted an error etc.
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    Could be a few things; the fact you are seeing occasional hard lockups is worrying.

    1: CPU temps? If they're over 70C, you're likely overheating.
    2: RAM Errors? Run memtest86+ and see if you have any RAM failures. Most likely component to fail, and could easily cause what you are seeing.
    3: PSU? Unstable voltage could also cause what you are seeing, though Corsair is a fairly good brand.
  18. Thanks but whats weird is the cpu doesnt even hit 55*C when playing and the gpu hovers around 65*C which i dont believe is the right temp for overheating.
  19. Does your BIOS have a safe mode? Try this along with memtest.
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