will a i7 4770k and gtx 780ti run dayz maxed out?

Would this duo be enough to run dayz on high settings with 60 fps while over clocking? Or could I get a 780x and still get the same performance?
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    i think a gtx 770 or r9 280 can do that with that cpu
  2. Easily, a 780 will max it. Even a 770 will. A 760 won't max it out, but you'll get 45 FPS on max settings.
  3. What if I am recording as well?
  4. Recording is CPU intensive, it puts no strain on the GPU. You can max it out with the 4770k easily.
  5. I have an i7 2600k running stock speed and a Radeon 6970 struggling on the Dayz standalone with average settings. I bought a basic MSI 780 to use with my 2600k and then had no problems at all playing Dayz at full maxed out settings. This lasted 2 days before the 780 died and then failed to post so its been returned. A 780ti should have no problems and I can't wait to get one and get back into the same.

    Not sure if it is card or manufacturer specific but my 780 had a feature built in to record perfect full-hd in-game video in the background with practically no noticeable affect during game play.
  6. Dayz standalone and dayz mod is cpu intensive so which means it doesn't require a lot of gpu power. i changed my 680 to 780ti and i got same fps on dayz standalone and dayz mod so there is no point in upgrading your gpu to get more fps on dayz.
  7. Without overclocking my 4770k i got around 30-65 fps on dayz standalone. I overclocked my 4770k 3.2ghz to 4.4 ghz and got 45-77 fps. Next i overclocked my 4770k 4.4ghz to 4.7ghz with my H100i and got 49-84fps on dayzstandalone. Upgrading my 680 to 780ti didn't change any fps at all so Dayz standalone is 100% cpu intensive game.
  8. if you want to record your gameplays without lagging watch this guide:
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