Fast Internet,Very slow Download speed, Works Fine in Safe mode

Recently upgraded to 50Mb Download speed and 3Mb Upload speed, on my laptops im getting the speed i should be getting, they are both on Windows 7, Works fine with wireless and wired.
But on my Desktop im using windows 8.1 and im getting from 1.8Mb to 5Mb Download speed but the upload speed is fine.Got a network card which is a PCI one for a ethernet cable, dont use wireless on this PC,That didnt work.BUT in Safe mode it works fine?...New Anti Virus still nope, Here are all the things i did and nothing:
Installed Anti Malware - Ran Checks
Installed a new Anti Virus - Ran Checks
Installed CCleaner
Cleared Registry
Cleared Temp Folder
Removed Add on on Browsers
Disable most intensive Start Up Programs
Deleted Some things that were taking up space,
And still getting the same problem.
Even Phones in the house are getting better speeds!
Spoke to Internet Provider 3 times and they say its my PC Fault.
Before i upgraded my internet i had 20Mb Download speed, the same day it worked fine. I Install the new router and it works very slow..
Im starting to give up..
My Internet Provider is Virgin Media
Please Help
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    Typically caused by a LAN driver issue on the affected computer. My son's PC had exactly the same problem, but both laptops in his house were downloading at expected speed via WiFi.

    I updated the LAN driver on his PC via Device Manager just as a hunch (since I'd eliminated all other possible causes) and that fixed it. Curiously though, the updated driver changed the name of the device so it was evidently using the wrong driver even though Windows installed it by default when I first fitted the LAN card a couple of years ago.

    He didn't have the problem at all until he switched to high-speed cable internet (BT Infinity) earlier this year.

    Anyway, try updating the LAN driver and you may get lucky.
  2. Thank you for the help, i will give it a go :)
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