Lost paper with my Windows 7 activation key!!! How to get my Windows 7 activation key?

There is a file in the installation DVD with a blue print of the product key required. Every software has this file. Or else, you could just type a random set of characters for a product key. Where do you find that file or folder that contains the required product key? If there is another way to get it. Please, let me know. Thank you for your time.
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  1. Your product key is independent of the installation files on the DVD. There is nothing on a Windows 7 DVD that will allow you to recover your product key. If you have your key installed on your current system, you can use an application like produkey to retrieve the key you are using now. You simply run the application and copy the into down.

    This will not allow you to install the product key on more systems than you license allows.

  2. it not a file, it is a retail or oem?
  3. To get Product Key, please read given steps:
    • Product key can be found on the DVD case of Windows 7.
    • Product keys are self attached to the registry of Windows 7.
    • The activation keys can also be found on

    Microsoft Windows 7 Product Key

    http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/validate/ValidationResult.aspx? displaylang=en&Error=0xC004C4A2&OSV=6.1.7600.2.00010100. enuineInfo=C004C003&ls=3&PageName= Validate

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  4. We need more info. Did this disk come with a system? Did you buy it at a store? Give us anything you know in as much detail as possible.
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