not able to see imaging device for lenovo g500

not able to see imaging device for lenovo g500 model and operating system to see all other devices apart from camera.i tried various way bt no use.and suddenly its works and sometimes it doesn't work.
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    This could be an issue with the Lenovo Easy camera software application installed on the laptop.
    1) Did you make any changes to the driver or the software application prior to this laptop?
    2) Have you installed the driver for the webcam?

    Let’s download the driver for the webcam and install it on the laptop. Check if it makes it easier to use the camera.

    Refer to the link to download and install the driver for this model:

    Check if you are able to use the camera. If not, you can post the query on Lenovo forums for further assistance. Refer to the link:

    Please let us know if you have more queries on Windows.
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