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I just installed a 750 ti (twin frozr) today and I decided to check it's temperature. Downloaded SpeedFan and checked it out - as expected, while gaming, the GPU stays <40-45°C, but to my surprise the CPU - intel core duo E5700 @3Ghz, not OCed goes up to 70-74°C at max.

I never checked my CPU temp until now, but it seems awfully high to me and I really don't want to fry it. I have the same cooler that came with the PC.
I'm waiting for suggestions on how to cool it - guessing I need a new CPU cooler, tho I don't really afford one now - I should mention that I didn't clean the heatsink in quite a long time, and neither did I clean the PSU vents.

Gigabyte G41MT-S2P
MSI 750Ti
Intel Dual core E5700
2x2 gb ram sticks
450W PSU
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  1. I'd do as you stated at the end and give everything a thorough cleaning and some new thermal material for the CPU heatsink. If it's a stock heatsink or something from a dell/hp etc, those are usually fairly poorly performing, more designed for quiet operation, which would definitely net you the CPU temperatures you are seeing.
  2. Are you using the stock heatsink?
  3. Yes, i do...
  4. I could upload a picture of what's inside
  5. You said it yourself.. Try to clean the PC once.. make sure that the fans (air inlet and out let) are not blocked.. i.e. close to a wall or under the desk that is enclosed.. it will not let the heat go out and thus the heat builds up..
  6. Pull the heatsink off and give it a good cleaning with compressed air, and clean the thermal compound off both the heatsink and the CPU with some 99% isopropyl alcohol and some toilet paper, reapply a line of thermal compound the size of an uncooked grain of rice and that should fix the problem.
  7. You've added heat inside your case, everything should be running hotter not just your CPU. Add a case fan pushing air out. If you have a case fan drawing air in, turn it around and see what happens to your temps.
  8. I take it that it's a dangerout temp I have (core 0 = 74 core 1 = 72 Celsius according to SpeedFan). I'll try cleaning it tomorrow and I may have to get a case fan.
  9. If nothing works, you can try a custom cooler like the Hyper 212 evo.. with a decent Arctic Silver thermal paste.. but use this only as a last resort as it involves some amount of risk..
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    Jurj Bogdan said:
    I take it that it's a dangerout temp I have (core 0 = 74 core 1 = 72 Celsius according to SpeedFan). I'll try cleaning it tomorrow and I may have to get a case fan.

    Your temps aren't dangerous but many of us in these forums would prefer lower than 70. It's probably within spec using the stock cooler. Take the side panel off your case and check the temps. If the difference is over 10 degrees then a $10 fan should help quite a bit (with the panel back on).
  11. Ok, so I cleaned everything , but I had to remove the fan and heatsink and now I have to clean it from the thermal paste and put a new layer - still, I do not see any improvement, and actually, the temp of core 1 did go up to 81 degrees at 100% stress.
  12. DO you think that putting some thermal paste and mayeb getting a 12cm fan to get in more air inside cool it down enough or do I need an upgraded CPU cooler?
  13. My best guess is that you gotta upgrade the cpu cooler then.. since you say that there's nothing blocking or something... its all fine..
  14. Best I can afford would be a thermaltake contac 30 tho, and I'm not sure if it would fit my mobo.
  15. Wouldn't a Thermaltake COntac 21 work who, if I couple it with a 120mm fan to get some more air in.
  16. it should.. I don't know about thermal take.. so I cannot comment on it.. sorry..
  17. As you can see, I'm a total beginner at building a PC, andthus I'm not sure that I can fit an upgraded cooler for my CPU, O i guess I'll make a few pics to upload to you.
  18. That would be of great help.. :)
  19. As many people aren't aware of the mobo I use (as in it's old-ish), I should mention it uses a 775 socket.
  20. Sorry but Idid not have any time to open the PC and take the pics; I'll trydo do it tomorrow.
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