Screen goes black after Windows loads after installing any Nvidia drivers

Last night I formatted my C drive and after installing Windows 7 I went to install the Nvidia drivers so everything would stop having the slight blurry look to it. After installing them I restarted the computer and when it should have the screen to let you put your password in and log in, it's just a black screen. I can hear the little Windows jingle though.

Running in safe mode works a-okay and running normally after uninstalling the Nvidia drivers works a-okay.

Did I miss an important step that's causing the drivers to not work properly?

Here's the specs:

Graphics card is an EVGA Geforce GTX 560 Ti

If it helps, I never had this issue before I formatted the C drive.
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  1. Not sure which of these fixed it, but I reseated the graphics card, blew every bit of dust from everything in my computer, installed every Windows update aside from that one Nvidia thing that I've seen people say not to install, and then installed the drivers from the graphics card's disc instead of the most current driver.

    Took a moment for the log in screen to show up, but it did. Plus it's working with all four of my RAM sticks which it has never done before.

    I see a lot of people having a problem similar to this so hopefully they come across this and one or all of these things works for them.
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