SLOW transfer speeds between computers on AC Wifi


Here's my setup:

Computer 1 (workstation):
Windows 8.1 Pro
Asus X79 Sabertooh ATX motherboard
AC1200 Wifi USB 3.0

Computer 2 (home server):
Windows 8.1 Pro
Celeron e3400
Zotac 730i/GF9300 ITX motherboard
AC1200 Wifi USB 3.0

Wireless Router:
Asus RT-AC68U (latest official Asus firmware)

I see my connection speed on both computers as 876 Mbps. My real-world file transfer rate is only 10-12MBps. With this setup, shouldn't I be getting up to 4x that transfer speed? Like 30-45MBps? I'm actually seeing the same transfer speed on both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. I DID notice that transferring FROM my Celeron server was 10-12MBps while transferring TO my Celeron server was half that - like 3-6MBps.

Is my crappy old Celeron server really bottle-necking this whole thing? Time to upgrade?

Is this as good as it gets over AC when neither computer is actually plugged into the router? Should I change a setting? Download different 3rd party firmware?

Help guys! I want a nice wireless home server that anyone can access with good speed! If I need to upgrade the server hardware, can I get away with a Core i3 or do I need to up it to a Core i5? 4GB RAM enough or do I need 8GB?

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    You are likely getting what can be expected. Running 2 wireless device more than halves the speed because they interfere. Most testing is done with a single wireless machine transferring to a wired machine.

    I though 802.11ac was going to greatly increase the speeds and then people complained it didn't but I though that was just because the standard was new. It seem that most those great speeds are marketing numbers.

    This site has done a lot of testing and the real world numbers are nowhere near.
  2. Okay, so I've made some progress. The old Celeron server was due for an overhaul so I upped it to an i3 system with 8GB RAM which also has USB 3 ports. Long story short, I've got both systems on the 5Ghz network and on adapters on USB 3 ports. Transfer speeds FROM the new i3 server are now 18-20MBps and TO the i3 server are 15-17MBps. So it's still not what I was looking for but considering what you told me about the dual-wireless setup practically halving my speeds, at least this is close to that "halving" mark than I was getting before. Thanks for your help and info!
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