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I am planning to upgrade my PC and I do not know if I should take a SSHD (Seagate SSHD 2TB) or a SSD Cache (Seagate Readycache 32GB) + a 2TB HDD.

I am using the PC most of the time for gaming and I honestly do not know which one would the best. What solution gives me the best speed-up when booting up and gaming?
Are there any pros or cons of the systems?

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  1. the SSHD solution will be simpler. There's a lot to say for simplicity.
  2. Nice threads here:
    and here.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks for The Tipps.
    I thought of buying a standalone SSD and a HDD but I do not like the idea of managing what to get boosted (and put on my ssd) and what to put on my HDD.
    Will the bigger cache give me a better performance when booting or gaming or are the 8gb cache from the Sshd enough?
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