What type of connector to use for a 3d gaming monitor (hdmi, dvi, ect.)?

I just bought an Asus VG278 that has 3d capabilities, a 144 hz refresh rate, and I was wondering about what type of cable I should use. I have heard about dual-link divi but have no Idea about what it is, also I was wondering whether to use dvi, hdmi, or if these is any other type of cable that is better. My budget is 120$ and I already own a Chocolate HDMI cable. I do not know if I should use that or something else.

I want to maximize the capabilities of my monitor with full speed, resolution, and color.
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  1. HDMI is your answer.
  2. noahhicks said:
    HDMI is your answer.

    I head that they only output 60 hz, also, what type of hdmi is best? I would like the best for my computer :)
  3. HDMI 2.0 does everything you need. They keep updating the spec and having the better cable will allow greater hz...
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    You should probably use dual link DVI; HDMI might not work.

    * The specs page mentions 3D support for DVI, so at least you know it will work with DVI:
    * Another popular Asus monitor (the 144Hz one) will only work at 144Hz using DVI or Displayport, so there's a good chance this limit also applies to this model.
    * The monitor only supports HDMI 1.4, which may or may not matter.
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