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Hey my friend has been arguing with me on the build I should get and he keeps bugging me so I need some feedback on two builds. I would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of both builds


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  1. Friends build:
    Remove the Windows 7 Ultimate in favor of Home Premium, or maybe but not really needed Win 7 Pro.
    Reduce the RAM to 8GB

    Now you've reduced the price of the Intel build to below that of your AMD build.
  2. Everything USAFRet said but also want to add that your Intel build is missing the cpu cooler.
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    The intel build
    1. has a better RAID option. Intel RAID controller typically will allow you to move a older intel raid to a newer chipset without any trouble. Also you can benefit from there RST tech which allows you to set a small SSD to cache a HDD.

    2. Better CPU performance. CPU intensive task typically are better on the 4470 vs AMD 8350. Very few programs are multithreaded well enough to give the 8 core AMD a advantage over the 4 core (plus 4 virtual core) Intel CPU.

    3. The build isn't perfect. Ditch windows 7 Ult and get windows 8 standard. Put the money saved into a Cooler Master EVO CPU cooler. And unless your doing some serious overclocking ditch the mobo for a cheaper unit. like the Gigabyte Here
    YOu can also cut a bit of cost by getting 8GB of ram on 2 sticks. 16 is way overkill.

    The AMD build will be a better gaming build on account of having the faster GPU. It will also run quieter thanks to having a better CPU cooler. Not much else to say about it really. Mybe ditch win 7 for 8 but that's more of a personal call.
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