Low FPS on 560 TI

Hey guys! I built my system in 2011 and I upgraded my GPU with the 560 TI in December of 2012.

Around August of 2013 or whenever BF4 came out I started getting really bad FPS in all of the games I played. Nothing changed hardware wise, and the only thing I changed software was updating the graphics driver (which is supposed to increase performance???). I have since reformatted and am now having the same issue.

Is there a performance dip with the new drivers? Should I be going back to 6 mos from now to get a driver that I can actually play video games with? What gives?


128 GB Solid State (installed Jan 2014)
6 GB RAM @ 1333
GTX 560 TI (I think it's the 768 MB model)
i7 950 @ stock 3.07 GHz
750W Corsair Gold Certified 80+
Gigabyte X58-USB3
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