One card equivalent to 2-way GTS 250 SLI?

I have a GTS 250 that I purchased a long time ago. Im sure this card is crap compared to what is out now, but I could get another GTS 250 for around $35. I wanted to build a new machine, but am In college and lacking funds to buy a high end video card. My question was, what is the single card equivalent to two GTS 250s running in SLI? I just want to have an idea as to how well it would perform compared to a more modern card. Thank you!
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    I actually have a GTS250 SLI setup. Its paired with an older Intel Core2Duo E8400. It runs games great! Everything I've tried to run on it at medium or higher. It should be quicker than an older GTX280.

    It would be as fast as a GTX285 or a Radeon HD5850. This is equivalent to the modern day Nvidia GTX750, 650Ti and AMD R7 260X. Keep in mind that the GTS250's wont run DX11.

    It would definitely keep up with today's games.
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