Requirement for dark souls 2??

If I have a turbo link psu, and gtx 760 or a 770, and an intel core i3 2100, what settings would dark souls 2 run on? Also would those components even work together?
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  1. Please help?
  2. Hi Ultpwner ,
    This will help
    can you give me brand and wattage of your psu , which graphics card and model what version of windows and 32/64bit , what ram (amount and type - speed ) , what motherboard then i can tell you yes or no
  3. Well the turbolink psu says 115/230 voltage..?
    And I have a i3 2100 processor
    And a gt 550 I believe, I'll go double check , and also I have 8 gb of ram
  4. need to know psu wattage not voltage , windows version & 32/64bit
  5. It claims to be 500w, but people say turbolink is untrustworthy. Also I got win 7 Ult, with 64 bit
  6. according to the link i gave you, your minimum requirements to play this game are ,
    a dual core cpu @ 3.1gz which is what you have
    you have enough ram ,
    You have a good gpu/graphics card that is above minimum requirements
    so you should be good to go
  7. i would replace that PSU at some stage though it is very poor quallity
  8. Thanks! Also will a i3 2100 bottleneck the gtx 760 or 770
  9. yes it will , stick with the gt 550
    plus i would not trust a new card with that psu
  10. mickypheonix said:
    yes it will , stick with the gt 550
    plus i would not trust a new card with that psu

    So a GT 550 would work better then its WAY higher up, the GTX 760/770?? How the heck?
  11. Actually its a GT 520..
  12. Bump.
  13. bump.
  14. Best answer
    after checking further you will be fine with the 520 , enjoy dark souls 2
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