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So I got a new router and everything was great until i lost my shared connection to my desktop. I have a laptop that i am sharing internet connection to via ethernet. The laptop is connected to my router wirelessly. Everything worked fine until I got this new router. I can connect to the internet from my laptop wirelessly and it works fine, however when i try Internet connection sharing i lose connection on my laptop, yet its still connected to the router. Not sure what to do, Any suggestions what the problem might be?
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  1. The way you describe your setup is a bit confusing. What is sharing the internet connection to what and using what type of connection? If you have a router, why don't you connect both the desktop and the laptop to the router. You say you are sharing the internet connection TO the laptop with a cable but you also say the laptop is connected to the router wirelessly. Are you sharing the laptop network to the desktop?

    Run the ICS wizard again on the laptop to reconnect it to the router, or a much better idea if you can't run a cable to the desktop, is to just get a WiFi adapter for the desktop.
  2. Ok lets start over. I live on the 2nd floor of my house, and our router is on the first floor. I have a laptop and a desktop. I have been using my laptop to connect to the internet wirelessly. I had a Local Area Network setup to share the laptops internet connection to my desktop through a wired connection between the two pc's. Now we got a new router and for some reason when i go to ipv4 setting and change the scroll down tab to "shared to other computers" it wont connect to the internet. It is still connected to the router but the internet connection wont work. I am using ubuntu 10.4 on my laptop and windows vista on the desktop. This method worked great until we got the new router. Hope this helps explain better.
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    There are some things to check in Linux

    Best thing to do though is just to get a WiFi card for the desktop. They are cheap enough that the benefit of not having to have the laptop on all the time and hooked up to the desktop is non-existent.
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