CM Cosmos SE vs Corsair Carbide 500R Vs CM Storm Trooper or other

I need a Full/Mid tower case which will leave me with lots of space and very good airflow for under $170AU (including Shipping). I am going to air cool my system but later will move to water cooling
Price comparison:
CM Cosmos se $169+$10 Shipping (over budget but looks like a really good case)
Corsair Carbide 500R $159 (local store, No shipping fee)
Cm Storm Trooper $159+$10 Shipping
CFI Taiji Full Tower $135+$10 Shipping (I've never heard of it but looks like a good case)
Which is the best case for the money??
* You can suggest other cases

Preferred stores:
PCCG (dont really like this store due to overprice shipping fee)
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    I had an original Cosmos. They are HUGE and heavy. But the original was designed for quiet so airflow was not great.
    The SE looks a lot like my original so may need additional fans for airflow
    The Storm Trooper is a cousin to my Storm Sniper: LOTs of room, and tremendous airflow. From personal experience with my case, I would go with the Trooper. You will have room for all your components.
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